Barren of Life, Abundant in Inspiration

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Stephen walked home, bent under the weight of his backpack. The sidewalk was cracked and barren, reflecting the worst parts of the area. Stephen didn’t mind though. He saw every step as an opportunity for adventure.

A grim-faced mafia don rides by in a limousine, taking note of his city. The serial killer known as the Toeless kneels in an alley, quietly listening to his inner demons rage. A gap in the hedges reveals a door way to another world. On the run, a well-dressed spy loses his grip on his briefcase. Papers fly through the air. He stuffs as many as he can into his pockets before fleeing the scene. A tearful, lost little girl can’t find her mommy- or the way home. An equally lost teenager stands nonchalantly across the street smoking with her friends. Spiders wage war on the insect world hidden under a thick bedding of ivy.

Sighing, Stephen stepped off the sidewalk and headed up the stairs toward his part of the slum. His solace is in knowing the sidewalk would always be there, with stories to tell.

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  1. Avatar Luulu

    I am growing to love stories that show how amazing the natural world is, and this seems to be one such story.

  2. Avatar Tad Winslow

    Ooo, nice set-up of the seedy and deranged slum. You connect the scene in unlikely ways. Everything about this is layered and deeper than it appears. You have a nice balance of telling us and letting us use our imagination. There are plenty of teaser elements compelling enough for me to want to continue reading. The Toeless killer being one of them.

  3. Avatar Osiris

    Great work!

    It tells enough to keep me interested and tells so little it drives me crazy: I want to read more!

    P.S. Have you ever tried active voice on pieces like this?

  4. Avatar Jessica Cahill

    I love this! Such an opening.

    One small thing…in your second paragraph, there’s some tense issues…some past, some present. I don’t know if it’s intentional or not, but I find that it throws me out.

  5. Avatar Robert Quick

    Purposefully changed all the tenses of the second paragraph to the present tense.