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In the corner stands a thin pane of clear plastic with images of last night’s ball drop on it. When this year’s ball of trash hit the sun it was large enough to cause the largest explosion ever recorded for a new years celebration, so it was big news. Also, the fact that it was January 1st, 2500 A.D. makes most humans extra excited for some reason. Maybe it is simply an excuse to party extra hard. Miles was no different from anyone else in that matter, being passed out on his bed was evidence of this fact. He wouldn’t be woken up until nature decided it was time, but nature came in the form of a 2 million pound force thruster outside of his small window. He fell out of bed, jumped up to look out the window into the hangar bay and said, “Ugh, why do they have to launch this early!”. He looked through the hangar bay doors and he could see Earth fully lit; meaning it was close to noon. He flopped back down onto his small bed and the dull grey sheets bounced up for a moment. “Ugh”, he said as he fell back asleep.

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