Universally Respected, According to Custom- Part 2

Avatar Author: Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA) I am the Guardian of the Ink Wells and Head Flight Attendant of Our Strange and Wonderful House. Read Bio

Astrid bit back screams as she tore through the palace’s hallways looking for a familiar door. Finally, she found it and dove inside, locking the double doors behind her. The smallest bathroom in the palace. But that was because it was near the butler’s quarters.

Astrid crumpled on top of the toilet lid and tried to stop shaking. And then she heard the familiar laughter of her pursuers, Thaddeus and Cory. Astrid bit her bottom lip and silently cursed the fact that those two monsters lived in the palace with her. Suddenly, the door behind her began to shake and the men quickly grew incessantly louder as they shouted for her to open the door.

Tears began streaming & she knew that she would die there, after evading them for so long. Then, she heard several doors open. Astrid heard the gruff voices of her now favorite people as they said that it was rude to call someone inside a bathroom. Slowly, she wiped away her tears, washed her hands and poked her head out of the bathroom to see the butlers smiling at her.

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