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“Green” had finally become “cool”. Support for sustainable and carbon-neutral businesses was to the point where no one could ignore it, if they wanted to stay profitable.

I was an environmental auditor. My job used to be to ensure companies met a minimum government-mandated standard. Now, it was part of how they competed. Today I was at an experimental restaurant that grew all their own food and claimed upwards of 2% total efficiency — all the way from sunlight on leaves, to the calories that go into your mouth. This was unusually high, especially considering their menu…

“So you’re able to offer real, honest-to-goodness meat products? It’s not imitation?” I asked, my clipboard at the ready.

“In a sense. It’s not tofu, anyway.”

“In a sense?”

“Let me show you the, uh, animal pens,” the manager offered. He then took me out back and pointed at a number of small wooden boxes. “Mealworms. Processed, they taste just like chicken.”

“Your customers are cool with eating bugs?”

“The customers don’t know.”

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  1. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    Lovely…. made me gag. Lol!

    Explain the title please?

  2. Avatar kyle90

    I’m glad you liked it! The title is a combination of the term for insect-eating (“entomophagy”) and “phobia”.

  3. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    HA! THAT IS AWESOME! I shall use that term when my dad teases me about eating bugs in China. XD

  4. Avatar The Third Robot

    This is actually a thing! They call them miniature livestock instead of insects and they make them into burgers and such. I had one in The Netherlands. it was tasty.

  5. Avatar chocbird09

    A-aand there goes the fine for not being open about business practices with the clients (or however it is called in the business jargon).

    But I guess that’s why the restaurant is exprimental :P

  6. Avatar kyle90


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