Airships: Alchemical Matters

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Elletra snorted, but he seemed to be absolutely serious. She supposed she should be flattered, but she was too exhausted to reply properly.

Eventually, Hawkeye turned and picked up his coat, throwing it over his shoulder. He picked up the papers and tucked the knife back into his right boot, but hesitated at the pair of glass vials. Frowning, he emptied a great deal more junk out of one of the pockets on his belt and gingerly placed them inside, locking the flap back down securely.

Gathering up all the rest of the junk and replacing them in various other pockets, he sighed and put the coat back on. Catching her look, he shrugged.

“Vials of Nightmare. Dangerous stuff, don’t you know, but a necessary evil. Not sure why these two aren’t in their holders back in the workshop.

“Well, if you want to see me later without screaming your throat raw, the workshop is just off the lower cargo – is there a problem?”

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