Airships: Minefield

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Hawkeye found the bridge in a sort of organised chaos. The captain pored over the current map along with the navigator; the helmsman was speaking in a measured but obviously strained tone with the lookout in the nest, periodically pulling on the throttle and spinning the wheel in order to execute the next aerobatic manoeuvre.

He ripped off a parade-ground salute (some habits were hard to break) at the captain, who nodded at him.

“We need you in the nest, Hawkeye. Poryse is good, but we can’t afford any mistakes right now.”

Jerem recieved a curt nod in response, but the man paused on the ladder.

“Is this the place we were due to map last time we came out, sir?”

The captain said nothing, but nodded grimly. Hawkeye hurried up the ladder, pausing only at the top to tie a scarf over his face; up there at top speed the winds were vicious. Opening the hatch and scrambling up, he whipped out a small looking glass and took in the vast canyon they were currently descending into.

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    Ooooooh! Excitement is building!! :D

  2. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    61 installments. XD

  3. Avatar HSAR

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