Airships: Approach

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The lookouts were grim as the Silver Skies weaved its way towards the stricken ship, however. The Clear Air Turbulence’s class of airship was renowned for its resilience to damage, but it still looked in bad shape. It had taken at least a dozen cannon shots – in a few places, armour plates had taken the hit, but several had punched clean through.

The captain ordered a close-range hail on both the helio- and radiograph arrays. After a few minutes of edging closer on dead slow, the captain called Hawkeye down.

“The captain is dead and the officer wishes us to send an engineer team across. Gladstone and will take security; Poryse and Tyrren have volunteered to board as our engineers. I want you to accompany them.”

Hawkeye nodded assent, reflexively checking his pockets and belt pouches for equipment and tools. Jerem dismissed him with a wave.

Outside on deck, the helmsman brought them alongside and cut the engines, all falling silent except for the lone cry of a falcon high above.

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  1. Avatar HSAR

    Read from the start, it helps a lot :)

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