Mental: Confusion

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Finally the shadow said, “It’s Int. I just wanted to see how you were.”

Wiki shook her head slowly, almost imperceptibly, “Too much. Too much.”

“I know, kiddo. Happened to me the same way.”

Wiki suddenly sprang for the lamp. She turned it on and asked, quivering, “What- What do you mean?”

“One day, I was in a place like this and then suddenly my whole life was fake, nothing made sense, everything was wrong, everybody was lying. It was scary.” Int explained with a sigh and a glance to his wristwatch.

“Why did you start it for me? I want it to stop. My head has been spinning the whole day, my memories, they don’t make sense, I constantly feel dizzy, nothing makes sense.” Wiki fell on the bed, her words muffled by the pillow.

Int patter her arm, “Kiddo, you needed it. I’m sorry it starts like this. But you reacting like this is good. It shows you are strong. Your mind, your heart, your memory, it’s all very strong. Did you find the wall?”

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    I’ll add more soon! :)

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