Airships: Speculations?

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Elletra felt eyes on her the whole way to the engines and she heard some snickering even. Probably never seen a woman on an airship before She bitterly glared at Hawkeye’s back at the sounds of whispered conversations.

Finally, when they made it to the engine room and Hawkeye had closed the door she tapped him. “Why do you want me here? I have no experience with engines like these.”

Hawkeye simply smiled and said, “You can hand me my tools. Or you can stand guard at the door. Make sure that squirrel of a man doesn’t come back in here.”

Elletra narrowed her eyes at him, and leaned back until she hit the door with a small thud.

“Thank you. My men here will take care of the engine while I figure out a way to get us off this ship alive.”

This intriguied her and she involuntarily pushed back harder on the door, “You know why this crew is strange?”

“It’s my opinion that these aren’t the original crew. I think these are mafia pirates.”

As if on cue, shouts suddenly erupted right outside the room.

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