An Opened Door (part three)

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But the people would still need someone. Clearly, the person they were looking for wasn’t me… Even so, how could I abandon them after all they had done for me and for each other?
I searched for a hidden truth; some impunity or forgiveness for my failure to deliver. All I found were wisps of thoughts, hopes, and dreams. I couldn’t pursue or catch them, and if I did, then they would have been meaningless anyways.

I wondered how it was possible that one girl could let so many people down—-this certainly wasn’t meant to be, was it? I hadn’t tried to damage the little glimpse of promise that was once present. But I didn’t have to try. It seemed like I always ruined something, despite the fact that it was unintentional.
I just wanted to get through today and stay out of the way, for I had done enough. The key meant nothing, and neither did I.

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