Airships: Send-Off

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Meanwhile, Jerem paced nervously across the deck of the Silver Skies. Ten minutes, and still no word from Hawkeye or the engineers. By now, a messenger should have communicated the list of parts necessary to begin repairs. However, the only noticeable thing coming out of Clear Air Turbulence were the continuous billows of smoke.
“Gladstone!” He roared.
The man was by his side immediately.
“Tell the other responders to continue their approach with extreme caution. Also, round up another boarding crew.” Jerem partially drew his blade and tested the edge with his thumb.
“Sir?” Gladstone began. “Hawkeye—”
“—and his party should be back by now. Seeing as they aren’t, I must assume they have run afoul some mischief, or that damn girl is slowing them down.” The captain paused. “Either way, I intend to find out personally.”
Gladstone nodded.
“Of course, sir. Forgive me. Shall I accompany you?”
Jerem shook his head.
“No. Stay with the ship. And Gladstone?”
“If I don’t come back, she’s yours.”

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  1. Avatar memento

    And here we are. I hope it is a fitting addition.

  2. Avatar HSAR

    I wondered what had happened to you!

    Start the series here:

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