As the Stars Twinkle in Essieterra (part 15)

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My life in the mapped world continued right where it had left off. I faced trials and tribulations in my life, but also had triumphs and accomplishments. I did all I could to help people, and tried to learn from their strengths and weaknesses. Time passed, and my teenage years soon gave way to young adulthood. But one night, when the moment was just right, I floated away to Essieterra again.
Cornelius and Cornelia were there to greet me, and I noticed that they had aged since the first time I visited. Cornelius’s once-silver mane, tail, beard, and eyes were now gray, and more of Cornelia’s broken horn had chipped away. Moreover, they had another human newcomer to introduce me to—and the angels serenaded once more.

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Finally, the time came when I had to leave the land that had become a part of my essence. I bid farewell to the mystical creatures who would ...

As the Stars Twinkle in Essieterra (part 14) by SaveTheUnicorns