As the Stars Twinkle in Essieterra (part 16)

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He was an undoubtedly handsome and strong young man, though he had several scars on his body from when he was attacked by a dog years ago. But despite his marred appearance, I could still see a look of pure endearment and adventure in his eyes, and a broad smile playing on his lips.
Inevitably, we got married in the land of Essieterra, and a prophecy was later fulfilled. Cornelius had explained that the name of the island, Essieterra, derived from a vastly uncommon girl’s name, Essie, which meant “star”. This star child was to be born someday, and she would whisk sleeping humans away to Essieterra on starry nights, though at first only in their dreams. In the morning, most people would deem the land to be no more than a figment of their imagination. But those who really believed, and those who were truly worthy, would have the privilege of actually traveling there. They would experience the island fully and completely with every sense and cell of their being.

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