As the Stars Twinkle in Essieterra (part 17)

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When I gave birth to Essie in the land that bore her name, my husband and I learned that she could never leave Essieterra, for she was needed there the most. Unwilling to forsake our daughter, we decided to make Essieterra our permanent home. By doing this, we found the place where the two worlds touched, between fact and fantasy; reality and dreamland. After all, we were still a part of the universe—spilled out into a filled empty space where the sun always shined and the stars always twinkled.


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  1. Avatar YaYa

    Please, please don’t post an existing story that exceeds the character limit 16 times over! Micro-fiction that isn’t micro doesn’t belong here!

  2. Avatar Ranx

    It’s really not very good either.

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