New Tortuga: Graduation

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Several years later…….

“Hannah!” A familiar voice shouted from across the hall.

Hannah grinned at her latest invention and looked up to see her two best friends coming towards her.

“Hey. How did you do?” Hanna asked propping her machinist goggles on the top of her head.

Qi grimaced and then shrugged, “I failed the Flying Squirrel part. And the Slash-And-Burn. And the Gangway.”

Hannah frowned, “Sorry.”

Hannah’s other friend, Felicia, snorted. “He aced every written test. He’ll pass for sure. Just for his brains. Maybe you’ll be navigator. I, on the other hand, will be fortunate to get on the Hangman’s Wish.”

Hannah grinned Felicia’s understatement, “I bet you’ll both get to pick which assignment you’re put on. I doubt they’ll let me pick mine. I know the teachers have been talking about recommending me for The Black Lightning.”

Qi muttered, “And that’s a bad thing?”

“Yes! Nobody ever survives more than two years on that ship!”

“Well, we’ll see at the Calling tomorrow.” Felicia sighed.

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