this choice that will forever change us and our friendship

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is it yours to make
is it mine
you have made me so hot blooded
i can no longer feel the cold

i look at your veins and see that they are beautiful
i wanted to tell you but i shy away
and now this
and now you tell me this

the poison of your choice is the burden of me
i carry these needles upon my back
tourniquets and bandoliers of syringes
the downfall of me is the downfall of you

how are you the same one i danced with
how are you the same one i leaned my head up against and wisht someone loved me
how are you the same one whose hand i held while i watched you inspect my scars out of the corner of our eyes

this fiend you have become in my mind
broken shattered emaciated
is not the girl i see in front of me

how does this translate
how does such beauty have such pain hidden behind it

five years
five years you say this has been happening
how are you not dead

i read the words you wrote over and over again, trying to make it real
but the words are empty and mean nothing
just like the shell you have become

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