5 floors of extraordinary ~ the flyer

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“Why, hello there, visitor!” she said, her ocher eyes looking me up and down. “What is your name?”
I opened my mouth to speak, but Mr. Conner beat me to it. “Plum!” he shouted.
“Artemis Plum,” I said quietly.
Mistress Sally nodded at me. “Artemis Plum. Welcome. To what do I owe the pleasure?”
I shuffled on my feet. I was beginning to wonder whether I really needed this job or not. The sensible part of me said no, but my empty wallet said yes. I pulled the flyer out of my pocket and handed it to her.
Mistress Sally gingerly took it, and just as gingerly unfolded it, as if she was separating the wafer-thin wings of a butterfly that had been molded together with glue. Her eyes brightened as she read the faded print. “Extraordinary!” she exclaimed. She beckoned Mr. Conner over, who rushed to her side and peered over her shoulder.
“Oh my, that is extraordinary.” Mr. Conner looked at me with admiration. “You found the ad!”

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  1. Avatar HSAR

    That’s quite a name.

  2. Avatar sky.castles

    Well I had to name him something weird, he’d be to ‘normal’ otherwise. haha

  3. Avatar sky.castles


  4. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    Love this so much!

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5 floors of extraordinary ~ the mistress by sky.castles