Living: My First Ficly Series

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It’s better than dying. During my blue period, when the first protean delights of immortality had passed, and I was left with the prospect of undying boredom. Artistically, I mastered painting, sculpture, and drama. Athletically, under the guise of several generations of athletes whose fathers abruptly met with death, I dominated the arenas, stadiums, rinks. Sexually, I had sampled women, men, animals, insensate objects. Anything to pass the time.

I had sampled Life’s wares, and found it wanting. Time is a thief, and enough of it robs you of your joy. Never did I know I would relish death. I feasted from a smorgasbord of Death. It found me willing. Do you want the details?

First, the conventional suicides. Razorblades, drowning, shocking, plunging. Then on to the more unconventional. Hostage in a bloody bank hold up. Innocent bystander in a apartheid. Crushed under massive construction equipment. Then it was on to medieval torture manuals.

It was a blue period, and hey, eventually I overcame it.

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  1. Avatar zxvasdf

    I’m unable to link this challenge to the original sequence of series, so here’s the linkage for the curious.

    Be sure to check out the prequel to that story, Rebirth by one Darneith, the inspiration for this series.

  2. Avatar Tad Winslow

    Hilarious hyperbole. Taking the average blue period to new elevations, haha.

  3. Avatar Lighty

    Brilliant! The tone is just right, and there are some wonderfully comedic lines while still having a darker undertone.

    I also love the different take on its prequel, people need to continue other people’s stories more, it leads to stuff like this!

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