The Accident

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Jen trembled as she hid under weeks of foul garbage. Silently sobbing, she prayed for her life. The man in the alley had been following her since she left Nate’s house. The gun he was carrying clued her in to his purpose.
Patrolling the alley, he man carefully maneuvered the area around the dumpster looking for any indication of her whereabouts. Perplexed by her apparent disappearance, the man contacted his associates.
“Not more!” she thought to herself. “How could I have been so stupid? He must have seen me leaving the house.”
She grimaced as she accidentally bumped her head on the dumpster wall causing an audible thump.
The man immediately noticed and progressed towards her hiding location. She realized she would never escape as she turned to face Nate’s body next to her, still damp from where she had placed the knife.
The sound of police sirens filled the alley as uniformed men joined their fellow officer in the search for the beleaguered girl.

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