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Whenever we have one of those talks
I wish I could shrink
into my seat.

I wish I could tell you that I
am not


but I’m walking across the tightrope
of your heart

keeping glass balls in the air

I’m prancing gaily like well-preened
horses with plastic cherry feathers
waving like obscene tumorous

The act never ends
I hide behind that clown painted face

you’re perfect
but kids nowadays don’t go for
the vanilla cones

At the end of the day I find myself
in the circus of madness

as the fire-eater’s flame
flickers in anger

you can’t help but realise that
has no place in relationships

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Comments (3 so far!)

  1. Avatar airborne

    nice use of free verse :)

    the imagery here comes together well, just a minor point though – flickers in anger could be replaced by a verb metaphor to make it more concise, perhaps: contorts? or something along those lines

  2. Avatar airborne

    haha also it would be great if the title fit the circus imagery got a bit thrown off there

    overall really like this :) the ambivalence really comes across well

  3. Avatar helig

    I really didn’t like this though :( wasn’t he image didnt hit the nail on its head so it’s overall quite incoherent

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