Favorite Things In Haiku (Fav Things Challenge)

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My dog climbs in to
bed and noses her way down
beneath covers… sleep.

Visiting my mom
Early morning rituals
coffee, sudoku

Nestled ‘tween mountains
place of mem’ries and good friends
Bennington, Vermont

Kris writing his songs
short jingles making up the
sountrack of our life

Ev’ry album that
she has put out – it brings joy
Christine Kane’s my fav

Sky: dusty yellow
Wind: sharp and picking up pace
Midwest Thunderstorms

Alone in the house
windows open, house breathes air
lots of time to write

West side in fifties
If you’re not looking you’ll miss
It’s called Kashkaval

Blanket and basket
Finding perfect spot outside
Picnics with the dogs

Back porch ceiling fan
cold beer, laughs, competition
we’re playing Mille Bornes

Lazy afternoons
walking downtown with a friend
sunlight, laughter, smiles

Staying up too late
talking politics, loving
my sturdy soapbox

Morning drives to work
my phone rings and it is time
daily chat with M

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  1. Avatar SaveTheUnicorns

    Wonderful set of haikus! What a creative approach to conveying the essence of your favorite things! ^:-)

  2. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    That’s a lot of haiku-age. I wonder if there’s a name for that. Definitely appreciate the effort of getting all that into the syllable requirements. Most of them really came out quite lyrical.

  3. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    awesome job! Way to craft an entry! So beautifully put.
    I have the milles bornes game, but don’t know how to play! how sad. & My dog wouldn’t behave on a picnic. :/

  4. Avatar Nancy

    Thanks for all of the comments… they are much appreciated. This was a fun challenge because I like lists and I loved that it could be incorporated any way I wanted. THX – I am not sure if there is a name for a multi-series haiku… but I might just have to research it. Elsha, Milles Bornes is awesome — it sat in my parents’ basement for years and I dug it out in HS and learned how to play… we’re addicted at my mom’s house and spend many hours on the porch playing when I’m home.

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