Shop of Memories (Part II)

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Then it all ended.

As she showered one afternoon, I picked up the necklace to examine it closely. Its sapphire held an expansive ocean that was mesmerizing. It was truly the most magnificent sight on this Earth and it was all mine, because she was all mine. As I held it in my hand, I noticed the light catching the edge of an engraving along the side of the jewel holder.
“I love you – Alex.”
Alex? How could she?
She walked into the room,stopping when she saw me.
I was shattered. I needed answers.
“Who’s Alex?”
She stood there, fear in her eyes, unwilling to answer.
“Please, sir, you can have the necklace and I can give you some money. Just please don’t hurt me!”
My head was pounding. That beautiful jewel was given to her by another man. I was the only man for her! How could she have never realized that? Her husband never treated her like I would.
“Please, sir, what do you want?”
I wanted a life worth living. I wanted a life with meaning. I wanted a life with her.

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  1. Avatar As Large as Alone

    Now that I’ve read all three, I’m fairly confused, it’s tantalizing and I’m curious to know more. It’s a little frightening really. But I do like the sequence.

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