Disillusioned Seventh

Avatar Author: RoseTone ~LoA~ I can be reached at: stoneflowersofautumn@gmail.com "For creative Fantasy is founded upon the hard recognition that things are so in the world as it appears in under the sun; on a recognition of fact, but not a slaver... Read Bio

J’aime ce que j’ai appris.
Mains, vous n’avez pas la moindre idée.
Si cela est vrai, la loyauté est inévitable.
Je suis toujours mal à tenir debout.
Comme je l’ai dit, le réel
Fiable et raisonnable.
Je n’ai pas confiance.
C’est ce que j’ai appris.

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Inspired by

Mi piace quello che ho imparato. Mani, non avete la più pallida idea. Se questo è vero, è la lealtà inevitabile. Sto ancora lottando per star...

Disillusioned Sixth by RoseTone ~LoA~

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