The Plan

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“M’lady! M’lord!”

Skidding along the base of Kejajo, a gangly lad calls to the assembly below. Lady Elsha looks up from the map and Sir Robert joins her gaze. At the edge of camp the boy continues.

“The Astronomer has seen a rider of a chestnut horse leave the woodland to the north.”

“Who is this rider?”

“That isn’t known, m’lady. Although, Stovo did say that the man was small and appeared to ride in haste.”

“To the north you say?”

“Yes, m’lord. A friend? For he travels in route of Queen’s Landing.”

“And in the direction of the Dark Tower that lies to her south. No, this is not a friend.”

Elsha turns. Seeing the others at the campfire she asks plainly, “If shadows hide to our west and a foe rides north toward the Dark Tower, what are we, a small band of followers to do?”

After pausing to reflect, Sir Robert breaks the silence.“At dawn, you and the others make haste for the Observatory. The boy and I will ride for Queen’s Landing. If any of the Scarlet Guard remain, I will implore of them their help.”

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  1. Avatar August 2nd

    The game’s afoot…

    Tweaks needed: By “shuffling the rocky base of Kejajo”, I picture the lad moving rocks around which is almost certainly not what you intended. Also, consider inserting a comma in “we a” in the only place where it occurs.

  2. Avatar BiC

    Ha-ha! ‘Shuffling’, I didn’t think of that. Again, my condensing process gets the better of me. – Ah, and with the fix, I have space left for the comma! :) Thank you, August. And thanks for note that brought me back…

    The game is indeed afoot!

  3. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    Wow. This whole thread has been amazingly written. And I shamelessly grin to think my small ficly started it. :P

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