Love, Lust, and the Spaces In Between

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“Hey,” she said, a slight quiver in her voice. “I need to tell you something.”

“Oh yes?” he said, dicing a tomato.

“Listen, uh… I…” she paused. A deep breath, and then: “I slept with Adam.”

“Okay. Do we have any oregano?”

She blinked. “I had sex with your best friend.”

“I heard you,” He smiled.

“You don’t care?”

“Not especially, no.”

Her sorrow and guilt transformed into confusion and anger. “Don’t you love me?”

He laughed a friendly, loving laugh. “Of course I love you! Don’t be silly. Hey, maybe during dinner you can tell me what it was like. I hope he’s a considerate lover!”

“We can’t be a couple anymore!” She was yelling now.


“Because I slept with your best friend!

“Do you still love me?”

“Yes, but-”

“Then it doesn’t matter!”

“I was unfaithful!”

“It’s just sex,” he said, turning the stove on. “That’d be like breaking up because I play Tennis with Carla on Thursdays.”

“But that’s different!”


“That’s not sex!”

“It’s not Golf, either. Did you want one omelette or two?”

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  1. Avatar Reaver19

    Man if was only that easy ha!

  2. Avatar Pyropunk 51 (PPP LoA)


  3. Avatar Jim Stitzel

    I love how the one who ‘cheated’ is the one with the irrational emotional outbursts — and how the ‘cheated on’ is perfectly calm, reasonable, and able to carry on a conversation about breakfast.

  4. Avatar Jim Stitzel

    And for what it’s worth, Ben, I feel like your prose has improved quite a bit since some of your first stories here. It’s been interesting to watch your work, both here and in your webcomics, and see how your writing has matured.

  5. Avatar lindsay22

    A little slice of life, and a completely irrational response by both parties, man, this made me smile, and that’s kinda hard to do, great work…

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