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Of all the word’s to describe him.
Of all the things to call him.
Of all the things to refer to what he truly is,
This one word is the most…coherrent? (Ha) yes. Accurate? Definately. Meaningful? Maybe.
One thing is for certain though, MY FATHER IS AN ASSHOLE! That is the truth. The mental abuse the spitefulness the pill-popping drunken lying self-righteous of a being that is my father. We don’t know what it is or was that got him here either. Maybe a bad childhood? Nope. Bullied as a teenager? He was the bully. The fact he had to man up as a 19 year old after having me? Then my mother would be a bitch to me (which she isn’t). Or perhaps it’s the 20 years he spent working as a guard in the DOC? Maybe. But one thing I’ve learned after 31 years is never bring your work home. Truth is NO ONE knows the reason he is the way he is. Because no matter what the reason no matter what the cause, one thing is for certain…MY DAD IS JUST AN ASSHOLE!!!

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  2. Avatar Iris...Alone

    I loved this piece. You made calling someone and asshole seem smart instead of ignorant. Nice going.

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