this is a challenge entry

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This is an indication of my challenge to you

because there is never any reason why this word shouldn’t be used

your other spotted cousin

because the word rolls nicely off the tongue

This is a sentence requesting you to challenge me in retaliation

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  1. Avatar punpun

    to be fair you should probably use supercalifragilisticexpialidocious in the title though, unless you can fit it into the sequel ._.

  2. Avatar Shoving Leopard

    Oh wait, I know, I’ll write mine and leave three words at the end (space allowing) for my return challenge, which you can write as a sequel to my response to this, sound good? :D

  3. Avatar punpun

    alright, sure! looking forward to it.

  4. Avatar Shoving Leopard

    I may need a bit more time, but by Monday it should be done! :D Hope you like the latest entries.