Take This Dance - Part 2

Avatar Author: Matthew Milam I am a writer from Chicago who wishes to get into short story writing which has been a bit of a battle up until this point. Read Bio

The boldness in Clara turned Edwin on. The words she chose may have not been proper, but she was direct none the less. “Don’t embarrass me.” They both entered the gym in awe at her arrival and befuddlement at her “date”. “This is cool.” Edwin thought to himself.

“This is for one night.” said Clara. It didn’t matter since one night was all he needed.

“Motownphilly” came on. All the people around the twosome started getting it in. Clara however was disgusted. “I hate this song.” Edwin scoffed. “I like the background music. It’s tight.” Clara rolled her eyes and took off her shiny white gloves. “Fine, you dance. I need a drink.” She left for the punch table which was to the left of the DJ booth.

Edwin shrugged his shoulders and danced anyway.

When the song ended, Edwin felt alive. He was dancing by himself and enjoying it without wondering where he stood. He did it in square dancing class and he did it in his own room. This was what it meant to be alive. Clara returned.

“What the hell are you doing?”

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Night time. Edwin stood at the front door of the now dilapidated Norwood High in a suit wearing a rather uncomfortable pair of dress shoes. N...

Take This Dance by Matthew Milam

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