On The Inside

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I can’t live when it lives,
It won’t live if I die.

Shatter’s my Soul to pieces,
Heart it takes could be mine.

come out from where you hide

The struggle within,
It tries to break free.

I close my eyes,
To keep it all in.

come out from where you lie

Halts all of my resolve,
Seizes my direction and drive.

Follows me down the river,
Watches me from on high.

come out from where I’ll die

Now I see myself clearer,
Now is I and I survive.

For all of the times I’ve known him,
That which Is On The Inside.

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  1. Avatar Robert Quick

    This speaks to me on several levels. It’s nice to see someone capture something I can relate to in poetry.

  2. Avatar 32 ^2

    “Follows me down the river”. I don’t know why that line sent a tingle up my spine, and then felt like a rubber-band snapped against my brain-stem. So if one line can produce a reaction, even though I can’t Identify the emotion, I’d give you a personal high five. But five pencils will have to do. Oh you!

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