5 Rivers

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I crossed the river Styx to know the world’s pain. But you’d have to swim it to know mine own…

I crossed the river Lethe to try and remember what I’ve lost. But I found myself losing my way due to it’s vast open oblivion…

I crossed the Cocytus to find the source of the screaming. I dare not tell you the reason for such horrific wailing. It would drive you to madness…

I crossed the Phlegethon with it’s eternal flame. To know the depths of this Hell and what lies in it’s dead prison of emotion…

I finally came to the river Acheron. To feel the pain of so many lies and mistreatment of life was almost too much for me to bear. Fortunately, I had a guide to show me the way through this infernal torment. He was neither exspensive nor was he cheap. But the answers to these many questions and mysteries to life came at a price.

“One fee it shall be. For the answers in life are never free. I will take thy soul and carry it for eternity.” Echoed Charon.

My eyes adjusted from darkness to light…

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  1. Avatar HSAR

    I like the concept here, each mythological river to its own suffering. It’s a neat idea, and I like that you really brought it to full fruition in this piece.

    However, I fear that I must take issue with your repeated use of the triple-full-stop punctuation to denote pauses.

    It’s a common thing among writers (veteran or not), and should be avoided whenever possible. Most of the time a simple full stop will suffice, or other methods employed for expressing importance (such as shorter sentences, or the rule of three).

  2. Avatar Reaver19

    I see what you mean. My initial thoughts when I did it was to have the reader think about their own personal or inner look at each river individually. How they would percieve it if they were the ones at the rivers. I appreciate the feedback though sir and I will try to ease up on the full stop’s.

  3. Avatar Eloquent Mess {(LoA)}

    It’s called an ellipsis. I abuse the shit out of them. According to their Wikipedia page (which states proper usage) I’ve been doing it wrong quite a bit.

    In any case, this ficlet is fantastic. I like the concept, and I can visualize the universe within the story. In their own way, the rivers are beautiful. (A river of endless fire beside a river so wide you’d never see the end? Imagine looking out at that from beyond the flame, on the shore.)

    I love mythology. Your story gave me nostalgia. :-)

  4. Avatar 32 ^2


    Not meaning to whore for critiques, this could be a prequel or sequel to one of my stories. Weird, really weird and fantastic too.


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