False King

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July 15, 3004
Ecliptic Home, Maunhiem, Lennox
Coulter Marsden

I used to think what I did was right; that killing King was what this world needed. He was doing a dangerous thing. He should have known at some point somebody would stand up. They all look at me like I am a cold-blooded murderer, but I am not. I did what I did for the good of the People, not for selfish reasons. They will never understand. But I never expected them to. They are but sheep following a willful shepherd, laying down their lives for bloodied hopes of human-nature returning to what it once was. I started this, yes. But it has grown into a monster I had never intended to free. I will admit my forces are becoming too ruthless for even my liking. They kill without discrimination; and now it is brother against brother. I could say something, but then they would see me as a false monarch, and then this war would be pointless. All this death would be pointless.

And I cannot allow that.

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  1. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    Chilling. Love the date.

  2. Avatar m0ri

    Looove it. I’m getting a French Revolution sort of vibe, and it’s awesome. c:

  3. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    I thought the same, Tempest! Very King Louis and Marie Antionette. (However you spell her name)

  4. Avatar Reaver19

    Hmmm…3004. How old would that make me? Very good story here. I like this as a beginning monologue and then you jump into a mission or start of a war. You have lots of potential here.