Wisps of Soul

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“The stars are pretty tonight.”

He was warm beside me, his length touching mine as we lay side by side on the trampoline in my backyard. The warm glow of the kitchen light shone through the window over the sink and cast long shadows over his face. I could almost pretend he was someone else. Someone who loved me the way I needed to be loved.

“You ever think about how small we are in the universe?”

His question startled me. I loved when he shared something deep. I cherished it as a precious gift, a moment just for me. My chest ached because I knew that he was oblivious. My response caught in my throat.

“We are just wisps of soul in flesh, too small to really understand, but big enough to comprehend the tiniest details.”

I sucked in a breath. I really wanted to kiss him. This was the kind of man I needed to look into my eyes and see my soul.

“That’s pretty awesome.”

We stay there, in silence, until he sighs deeply and takes off. My side feels cold. A tear slips down my cheek in the dark.

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  1. Avatar Robert Quick

    Ahhhhh. Balance. This is a great mirror to the last entry. Due to my own experience I often forget that the same problem exists on the other side of the gender divide. Thank you for the reminder.

  2. Avatar Reaver19

    A chance was presented to her (or you) and it wasn’t taken advantage of. I’ve had a few of those.

  3. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    Hee hee, girls don’t always take those feelings and run with them. There was probably something going on that would make it all awkward..

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