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Reeve was barely alive.

It was a very sunny day in New York, with not a single cloud in the sky. The streets were crowded with people, as always, but this time, they actually seemed happy. But for Reeve…it was hell.

Silver blood dribbled from the corner of his lips, his nose, and his eyes. He was barely able to stand up, let alone walk. But he needed to give something to someone. Failure to do so was not an option. And so he limped to the apartment he shared with her, slamming the note onto their mailbox as he collapsed in a heap on the steps, drawing a single raspy breath before disintegrating into shadows.

My name is Reeve Barrett. You won’t remember me years from now as “that boy who loved me long ago”. No… You will remember me as Void, the empty space between everything. Not as your raven, nor the boy who happened to crash into your life. I am Void, nothing more. But I wanted to tell you that for a very long time, you made me human. But Chaos has won.

And now I die to save you.

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