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Richard, fire in his belly, stood tall and beheld what he had done. With a simple command, he had instantly duplicated an entire galaxy. “Computer. Is there no one in the universe to hold me to account? Is there anything that can restrain me?”

“No way Boss. Unless there really is a god, that is.” the A.I. responded. “Of course, you should probably restrain yourself. I’m not sure how that much extra mass will affect the cosmological constant.”

Samantha, stars in her eyes, embraced Richard from behind. “Maybe you should undo it Darling. We wouldn’t want to endure unintended consequences.”

Richard shrugged. “So the universe is bigger, brighter; if it becomes a problem we’ll go back in time and fix it.”

The Crocodile noticed a faint shimmer in the darkness.“Ahhh! I knew I’d find you here! So very hungry! Let this be a quick meal!”

The voracious animal closed the distance quickly, compressed it’s jaws upon the hapless field of plasma, and rolled its powerful body, spinning the universe mercilessly.

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