January Snow

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It’s still snowing … only just … little flakes that fall on the curve of the wind that take a while to reach the white ground in the golden illumination of a standard, British, navy street-lamp.

It’s still snowing … less than just … the occasional flake that falls in the glow of the light and drifts on the breeze, like a feather, to the shining, shimmering, freezing floor of these good Ole days.

It’s still snowing … in the night … in the light of that brilliant, orange, glooming globe, and I watch as the white dies to a darker shade of grey – vertically drifting towards oblivion.

It’s still snowing … to the right … of my green eyes, my window, those silver-grey shooting stars, and I can’t help but think that if you were here … you’d understand.

It’s still snowing … shooting stars … across my current, depressive mentality … but who is God?
And why must I pray to him so religiously, when all I can give is pain and regret, and all I get

In return is such brutality?

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  1. Avatar Reaver19

    Yet another in the tremendous history of your literary excellence. I really dig your style and though it may be out of unfortunate circumstance that you’ve endured so much at such a young age I think we all benefit from your pieces.

    I hope oneday you find happiness in whatever you do in life and though I am not religious I won’t discredit anyones choices of belief in their preference of inner peace. Look to thyself in happiness, look to other’s in confirmation. ( i heard that somewhere)

  2. Avatar Jim Stitzel

    I kinda love this.

    And this is a rough time of year for those of us who deal with depression. The shortened days do nothing positive for mood.

  3. Avatar Abby (LoA)

    You’re right there Jim! Especially when Christmas is over :(. I honestly can’t thank you two enough for always commenting on my drabble! I swear I’ll get round to returning the favour soon.

  4. Avatar Iris...Alone

    Simply amazing! Even though depression is a horrible thing that makes everything seem useless and a waste, I do my best writing when I feel as though I’d rather be ashes then living flesh. You always amaze me with your beautiful writing. Well done!