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Tim saw the door open and close. He saw the two women walk out. One had the grey hair of an Elder and the other was young and had blonde hair and he could tell from two houses over from the building they exited that she had a crisp, icy blue stare.

“You know you really should step out of the light.”

He held up his hand to his partner. “I will do as I like and I do believe,” he held up a paper to the young girl, still walking with the Elder. “I just found the Wilks girl.”

“What?! The Centurions have been searching for her throughout the wood. What is she doing here?”

“Who knows. Mathias?”


“I want you to greet our little visitor.”

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  1. Avatar Over the Precipice of the Unknown; Into the Frontier of Uncertainty

    Very interesting, but I’m a bit confused… There’s Tim, Mathias (nice name btw), the blue eyed girl, the Wilks girl, and the girl(?) from the previous story. Clarification, perhaps in the next installment? Or maybe I’m just having a dense day…

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