Deja Vu

Avatar Author: Fyora Cartagan Hopefully the resurrection of my favorite site will get my muse stirring again!!! Oh, and if you want to see some of my old stuff (probably better stuff), it's on the memorial site. ( Read Bio

There is an achievement, in a certain game I play, called “Deja Vu”. It’s really very easy when you’ve created hundreds, perhaps even thousands of things.

But on Ficly? Where I haven’t even twenty creations?

I recently discovered a nifty little feature, thanks to the help of many friendly storytellers here.

It helps you find a story you may not otherwise have seen. But, of course, I had seen this one already…

I wrote it.

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  1. Avatar TextMason

    As an owner of all three consoles and (obviously) a PC, I was interested in guessing the “certain game”. A few websearches later, I came up with “Discover something you created in another game.” I kind of left Will Wright behind after he (IMNSHO) started leaving out the ‘game’ from ‘sandbox game’. But I will not deny the power of Spore, nor deny that many people have a lot of fun with it. But I will say that you have inspired a new challenge. :D