Silenced Tongue and Feigned Ignorance

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All I can think about is how close I may have come to ruining my life. Did I just barely squeak by with a silenced tongue at the right moment and feigned ignorance?

In polite society, when bitter enemies are forced to work together, they do their best to stay cordial, often opting for silence rather than a heated argument that may end in a serious brawl.

Today my enemy and I were within 2 feet of each other and we did not speak of the things weighing heavily upon the space between us. The pauses were pregnant to bursting, but the times I held my tongue, my enemy foolishly let hers slip. Though it may have been to get a reaction, or to simply forewarn us of a change, her statements were promising, for they were about exiting. I gave no sign as to my feelings on the topic. It’s a good way to quell a bully.

I left my enemy’s presence feeling pretty good about my self-control. If I hadn’t a level head, I may have inserted a remark that would have caused mayhem. I hope she finds her next job more fulfilling.

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  1. Avatar Robert Quick

    Mwa-haha. WINNER!

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