National Weatherman's Day

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“Happy Weatherman’s Day!”
“Stop making up these ridiculous holidays, June.”
“But look, I made you a storm in a bottle.” Harvey grabbed the bottle from June and threw it into the wastebasket with a loud smack. June looked shocked, then hurt.
“They are real, Harvey,” she sulked.
“First the groundhog, then the vacuum, and now this? There’s something wrong with you, June.”
“My mother taught me to avoid such negative things in my life. I do not have to listen to this.”
“I’m your boss, June! You will do as I say and stop this nonsense! Get to work!”
“No, I quit!”
“Sir! I quit. I cannot work in this environment. I have tried to bring some happiness, some small bit of cheer and light into this dismal cell and you snuff it out. Goodbye and may you find a new secretary who pleases you.”
June marched to to her desk, picked up her few sunny belongings, and left the space gray and minimalistic. Harvey sighed. Was he really that bad?

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Funny interaction, and I like the ebb and flow as you feel for the exasperated boss at one point and then for the beleaguered cheermeister the next.

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