Coming Out Of The Closet On Accident

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The bell rang as I walked to my locker. The halls cleared out as people were on their way to catch their busses, meet with friends or go to their various practices. As I was walking past the boys gym, I felt the need to go to the bathroom. I figured the locker room was still open.

I entered the locker room, walked around the wall divider and was greeted with a shocking sight. Anthony, a popular football player was masturbating into a pair of boxers. I then realized that his boxers were around his ankles and those were someone elses. Our eyes met, and his widened with fear.

“Uhmm I… I… uh.” I babled startled.
“Please don’t say anything.” he begged.
“That you were jerking off?” I replied.
“No… Well Yea…. but, i’m…..”
“Oh don’t worry, me too.” I said to him smiling.
“Really?” he asked.
“Yep, i’ve been, nothing to worry about.” I said turning to leave.
“Wait.” he said.
“Yea?” I asked.
“Do you wanna maybe hang out on friday?” he asked.
“Sure.” I replied giving him my cellphone number.

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  1. Avatar SaveTheUnicorns

    great ficlet. i hope you write a sequel, or someone does.

  2. Avatar burberry

    Looks like illusionistic’s off to write another series.
    Can’t wait. :D

  3. Avatar Mr. Reeses

    i like this a lot

  4. Avatar Paulthev

    Wish that happened to me at my school

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