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I’m Natty D. Phobia, glad you could be here.
Please curl in your bean bag and listen to me.
Here, look at this image—a satellite photo.
Now what do you make of this? What could it be?

The girl in row 28, ah yes that’s plausible,
But in this instance, we know it’s not right.
In fact it’s a waterfowl. Humongous, innit?
Ten grocers and five passersby all took fright.

In fact, you can see this most massive of avians
From any part of the tri-county tract.
It’s flying, or hovering, over Nebraska,
And we’re really not sure what to do; how to act.

There’s some who consider this duckie a hazard;
They urge me to send out some missiles: Kaboom!
And then there’s the wildlife people, who insist,
“Don’t fire upon it! We’ll all leave the room!”

However, the clear point is, there’s finally some logical
Reason for that bizarre lurking thought
That somewhere, a duck’s watching o’er us:
Anatidaephobia’s right, and not rot.

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