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Sometimes I see them
at the canteen-
sometimes I don’t anymore
and I fear that, like children
with candies and snacks,
they’ve eaten so much of each other
that they’re both full.


Lying on the grass
and feeling the blanket
of scents smother me.
Itis a natural release, and a
pleasant one, but I fear that I’ll lie
here forever.

The sun is setting and she is inviting me to bed.


In the dark- the lights off,
I see your smile flicker on the tele in my room.
Static, yet changing,
it runs into black when I look
and it returns to itself when I turn away.
It seems to be mocking me.

I am scared
much like a horror movie
that seems to drag for hours and hours
the night trailing off the walls,
dripping into sockets and coming through cracks.

The voices ring in my head
some yours, some mine,
and some lost from another time.

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Nice musings on relationships. I really like the first one—a great metaphor for young love that burns out too quickly.

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