Point Blank

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January 23, 3004
Equalist Refugee Camp, Foolswright, Lennox
Alexi Gray Benson

Father was shipped out today. Along with Henory. Mother didn’t make it…there were complications with her surgery, so it’s only me and the dog now. The Equalists are nice, but…I mean… I hate being trapped here while my father and sister are out fighting. Henory doesn’t even have any training. They just gave her a uniform and slapped a gun in her hands and sent her on her way. Goddamn I wish I was eighteen… I mean, I’m the brother. I should be out there fighting. Not her. And father… He was alive during the first war; the one where King rose above everything and brought us together. But…he’s old. Ugh.

I hate this.

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Comments (2 so far!)

  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Felt very real and very petulant, which befits a young adolescent character. Nice bit of fiction and worked well within the chosen parameters of it being a journal entry, though the bit about the King felt a bit forced or out of place.

  2. Avatar LittleSecrets

    I do enjoy how this is written in a younger perspective. Very interesting, i would like to read more.