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May 14th, 3004
Equalist Refugee Camp, Morrow, Monolith
Malborne Sinclair

I’m so fucking done with this.

I don’t think these idiots understand how this war works. And frankly, I ain’t got the time nor the drive to teach them. I’m going back to the Ecliptics. They’ll take me. They need me. Pathetic whelps, the lot of them. Well… Okay, maybe I should give them a bit of credit. They know what’s up. Unlike these pansy-ass pacifists who want to beat people over the head with rainbows and fuckin’ sunshine.

Seriously. So. Fucking. Done.

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  1. Avatar m0ri

    might wanna slap a mature warning on this one, champ. /eyebrow wiggle

  2. Avatar Tad Winslow

    Not only well delivered and well written but the detail of having this take place in a militaristic journal entry gives it a larger scope. And the writing is perfectly character driven.

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