The Tailor-Thief

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The last bus from The City to The Suburbs had just left. It was 1.38am on a regular Thursday. On the bus, a diversity of people, who were getting off through the itinerary. But “The Guy” remained till the last stop. No wonder. He feel asleep – deep sleep – and missed his spot. The Driver woke The Guy up, and as the last stop was only three stops away from his apartment, he decided to drag his body and walk home.

Ding-dong! And Roommate #1 opens the door.

- Dude, so sorry, but I think I lost my key somewhere.

- I’m not surprised. It probably fell from that giant whole on your jeans. Come in!

The Guy haven’t noticed that round hole, probably cut with scissors while he was asleep on the bus.

- Gosh, what was that?! I didn’t have this thing before I hopped on the bus. Really. I have no idea about what really happened here.

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Cute scenario. The telling is a little stilted, or flat maybe. Not sure I got why we call him ‘The Guy’ as opposed to giving him a name. It makes it feel like you’re pitching a general idea for a sketch rather than telling a story.

    Also, second to last paragraph should be, “The Guy hadn’t noticed…”

  2. Avatar juliamaju

    Hey, thanks a lot for the tips. I’m mostly used to writing in Portuguese, so writing in English is a bit overwhelming. I’m lucky I love challenges. Yes, I need to give him a name. I didn’t find the right one yet, and thought “the guy” would fit better the just ‘joe’. I really like the suggestions and will make the changes.

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