Three Word Prompt ADREAD Ann Hung: rapt, rapped, wrapped

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I stare in rapt attention
As the rapper raps out loud
And I don’t yet have to mention
That the rapper’s well endowed
For he’s rapped for kings and princes
And he’s warbled for the queen
Though he never quite convinces me
He’s talented; I mean,
That although he utters iambs
And enunciates quite clearly,
I don’t think he’s finished
All the works of Shakespeare, nearly.
So I’m wrapped in his non-reticence;
He weaves a quilt of surliness,
And rails against establishment;
I’m sleepy. He lacks earliness.
The rapper I’m now list’ning to
Is not my favorite fellow, true.
I’d rather climb a pillow mountain
And in dreams I’ll visit you.

You can wrap me in your arms and rap upon me with your knuckles,
And rapt in rapid heartbeat sounds, I’ll hug you through your chuckles.

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