An Undying Flame

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Bits of sand tick against the murky, wet widow-glass. A car, its tires buried by surf, sways under a strong coastal wind. Headlights, once illuminating the breaking waves, begin to fade until finally darkness consumes them.

A burly man carrying an iServer satchel slams the car door behind him. “That’s it! The battery’s kaput.”

A female companion follows. “Unless we find another power source…”

“There’s nothing else I can do.”

“Don’t worry, Kev. You’ll think of something.”

“Thanks, Jen. But why? No one’s writing anymore. I mean, nobody’s around to write anymore.”

“Kevin, Ficly isn’t just for those that write. Ficly is for everyone; the ones that remain silent, never writing, never commenting. Ficly’s for them too.”

“And spammers,” Kevin says with a grin. “Don’t forget the spammers”.

Jennifer laughs. “Remember the spoofs everyone did, pretending to be spammers?”

“How could I forget? It was tough knowing what to delete. – Look there! It’s our base camp.”

Light flickers beyond the sand dunes. CAMPFIRE.

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  1. Avatar Tad Winslow

    Very nice. Makes me reminisce. I’ve had a lot of really good times on this (camp)site, and even made some special friends and connections. <3 ficly forever.

  2. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    An optimistic twist. I love it. :)

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