Quashed Expectations

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Arielle didn’t know the sun was setting. Arielle didn’t even know the weather outside. Friday nights at Phil’s Fun-taste-ic Eatery (kids eat 4 free on Fridayz!) were harrowing on the wait staff, and she was the head waitress. Tomorrow was her day off and she was looking forward to it, especially as she attempted to take orders from a slow-speaking lump of a patron with a brat of a child half-screaming half-yelling the theme to Howdy-Doody at the top of his lungs.

Arielle had no idea how the kid knew it, or how such a small creature could create such a loud noise. But her shift was ending soon, she’d head home, take a bath, text her boyfriend and fall asleep with her cellphone in her hands.

Arielle’s drive home was uneventful, as she eagerly rushed up to her room, she shouted greeting to her father, who was frying noodles in the kitchen. She threw off her uniform, which smelled of onions and grabbed her phone.

She clicked on the screen. “Oh dammit!

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