A day in dreamland

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As I ran up the stairs, the beasts maul dripped red from other inmates. Rushing up the stairs as fast as i could, the beast pursued me, not any of the others. Me…i felt something ting across me foot, and i fell, falling on my back, the stairs adding a sting, as the shock that i was about to get devoured alive staring smack dead at me in the face. The creature let loose a sickening chuckle as he slowly crawled up the stairs, savouring the moment that he would get to eat me alive.
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH” CLANK, Is all i heard, as i seen the creature fly off the side of the railing "GET YOUR ASS UP AND MOVE, NOW!!! I didnt hesitate, flying up the rest of the flight of stairs to my cell. I jumped on the bed, followed by my savior, Kit.
“Dude…. that was”——-“SHUTUP, THAT WAS STUPID… VERY VERY STUPID….” the cell doors rammed shut on our floor reverbrating throughout the yard. The beasts let out a roar of defiance, as the siren that signaled us to sleep cut out the lights to a deep-dark shade of red

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  1. Avatar Iris...Alone

    Very good. :3

  2. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    Lots of action going on. Some huge errors spotted by this grammar nazi, but an engaging scene.

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