The Urban Sprawl

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3 AM
15 hour drive, in the last 5 minutes.
I roll past the quiet streets
and the locked cars
and the sleeping dogs in their houses.
The radio is humming along
a soothing song for this time of night.
I keep the volume low,
respecting the owner’s right
to a good night of sleep.
It’s 3 AM
Crashing towards 4.
And I pull into my parent’s driveway
with the locked car
and the sleeping dog.
I wonder how long it’s been
since I’ve seen my old friends.
I wonder if they’re still here
Lost in the maze of houses.
I let the car run,
look at the ancient basketball net.
Unused for the better part of the past 10 years.
Who are my old friends now?
What of the bikes we used
t0 ride in the streets with?

I wonder if emotions can rust.

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  1. Avatar BiC

    Your last line says so much. – very nice. At first I thought this person was a thief, then I thought taxi driver, then I thought a teenager out past curfew, but a haunting homecoming is so much more.

  2. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    I knew it was a homecoming.. there was something about the cars and dogs that said cozy suburban neighborhood. The respectful radio playing said they had a love for this place.
    Hmm, emotions rust.. maybe crust over, an armor of deflection.

  3. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Ooh, nice last line. It can be hard to go back; I definitely know that feeling. Some grammar stuff, mostly in the possessives (should be parents’ and likely owners’ depending on exactly what you meant). Otherwise solid and an enjoyable read that mosies along amiably.

  4. Avatar 32 ^2


    However, “with” hangs there. There’s much discussion concerning ending a sentence with a prepositional phrase. Try reading it out loud, but drop “with”.

    >What of the bikes we used
    t0 ride in the streets with each other?

    >What of the bikes we used
    t0 ride in the streets?